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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

HASR Bistro

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Social/dinner hour from 6 pm: talk starts 7 pm

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Dr Karen Meech

UH Institute for Astronomy

`Oumuamua - our first interstellar visitor


The University of Hawai`i's PanSTARRS survey recently discovered an asteroid moving at a velocity that indicated that it was not part of our Solar System.  It was named `Oumuamua, a word that means "Messenger" in Hawaiian. During the few days that it passed through the inner Solar System it was studied by many telescopes in Hawaii and elsewhere.





Karen Meech, who has presented two previous talks at Science Cafe, is graduate chair of the UH Manoa astronomy program.  She obtained her PhD at MIT and received the University of Hawai`i Regents Medal for Research Excellence in 2015.


Karen will talk about the discovery of `Oumuamua and what we have learned about the interstellar visitor as it briefly passed through our Solar System.