Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

HASR Bistro

Social/dinner hour from 6 pm: talk starts 7 pm

Everybody welcome: no admission charge

No corkage charge if you buy your wine at the neighboring HASR liquor store

Cheap and easy (cash only) parking at the underground municipal garage at 155 N. Beretania

Exit ramp is directly opposite HASR Bistro


Dr.  Alison Nugent

UH Department of Atmospheric Sciences

           Hurricanes in Hawai'i

Dr. Alison Nugent is an atmospheric scientist who researches how islands affect their own local weather and enhance precipitation, something we see every day here on O'ahu. She does field work with airplanes and kites, uses rain gauges, radar, and numerical models to understand how islands influence precipitation from everyday trade wind cumulus clouds, or from events like Hurricane Lane in 2018.

Hurricane Lane was an incredibly impactful event for the Big Island of Hawai'i, producing record breaking rainfall over multiple days. For the rest of the islands, Lane provided a stark reminder that hurricanes can occur here in Hawai'i. Dr. Nugent will discuss hurricane season, hurricane structure, hurricane naming, hurricane occurrence in Hawai'i, and of course, Hurricane Lane.