Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Pho Viet Thien Hong Restaurant

Manoa Marketplace, 2756 Woodlawn Drive, 2nd floor

Social/dinner hour from 5.30 talk starts 6.30 pm


Dr. Jacqueline Keane

Institute for Astronomy, UH Manoa

The James Webb Space Telescope



The James Webb Space telescope's first year of operation in space has resulted in new discoveries that are transforming our understanding of the cosmos.  I will give an overview of the unique and challenging characteristics that make JWST extraordinary and then describe how we are using JWST observations to reveal the composition of ices in molecular clouds right before they are incorporated into the envelope and disk of a young star whose native environment is shielded from the destructive influence of other stars.



Jacqueline Keane, originally from Ireland, did her PhD at University of Groningen, the Netherlands and arrived at the University of Hawaii via NASA Ames Research Center where she was a National Research Council fellow working with Spitzer Space telescope data. She is an observational astronomer/astrochemist, with expertise in infrared spectroscopy utilizing space- and ground-based spectrometers.